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It bicycles bag combines the bar-mounted bag and the basket



Route Werk’s bicycle handlebar bag combines the best features of a bar-mounted bag and easy access as to the good old basket, as well as various extras. It has a 3.2 litre capacity and can manage payloads weighing up to 4 kg and its weight is a claimed 615 g.

Many cyclists use a classic bar-mounted bag. Instead of a fabric top that has to be unzipped and folded back, however, Route Werk’s bicycle bag has a spring-loaded polycarbonate lid that pops open when the user presses the anodized aluminium latch. This means that they can access the inside of the bag one-handed while riding.

The handlebar bicycle bag also features an integrated, customizable dashboard to mount all of your favourite devices. The universal mount integrates with all the most popular computers and even accommodates your phone. This dashboard puts your technology right where you need it: at your fingertips.

Minimal and unobtrusive bike mount features an easy on/off the latch, and an integrated shoulder strap allows you to take the bag along on every adventure, on or off the bike. A convenient latch gives you instant access to bag contents while on or off the bike.

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