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Folding e-bike FLIT-16 is ready to road for 10 sec



The FLIT-16 is a brand-new generation of folding e-bike. It was developed in Cambridge, England by an ex-engineer of Jaguar Land Rover Company. With the weight of just 14kg and motor 220W, it is not only the best looking folding e-bike, but also the best one to ride.

Designers from FLIT say the geometry of this folding bicycle is optimised for a comfortable and comfortable ride, and is developed with a custom lithium-ion battery 36V with capacity 7Ah, pack that is integrated into the frame to save weight that gives the FLIT-16 the range of up to 50km on a single charge.

The motor Bafang 220W is located in the rear hub, and there are also integrated front and rear lights that are controllable due to the display of folding e-bike FLIT-16. Five levels of assistant are available. The rear light also functions as a brake light. The integrated battery works, using the latest generation of LG cells, giving 250Wh capacity.

The patent pending suspension unit consists of rubber discs sandwiched between hard aluminium discs. The rubber discs convert the movement from the bumpy road surface into heat which is drawn away by the highly conductive aluminium discs. This high-performance suspension unit weighs just 120g and has a length of just 5 cm.

In folded mode folding electric bike FLIT-16 is 728 mm long and 632 mm high, and cyclists can roll it along on its wheels. The unique folding mechanism gives you the flexibility to take it with you anywhere, whilst adding a motor makes journeys effortless, fast and fun.

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