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Kymera – powerful electric personal watercraft



The Kymera K-X2 personal watercraft has the best of traditional watercraft with a new design. It is designed for one person to control and unlike the rest does not have a handlebar and is controlled by supporting the body in a seat leaning the body on this electric water bike to reach handles with which to make the turn.

Kymera engineers introduced us to the jet board in 2011, which went electric the year after and launched on Kickstarter in 2013. Now the Kymera K-X2 has been announced. Fast, lightweight and powerful electric watercraft with 10,000 Watts of power which will zip the K-X2 personal watercraft up to 56 km/h. The 213x101x 66 cm wave rider weighs in at 32 kg and can split in two for ease of transport.

The K-X2 uses the same core propulsion technology found in all Kymera products to drastically reduce development cost and time to market. This technology allows consumers to get out on the water faster, and more affordable, than ever before. A single charge provides for an hour of mixed use on the water, and its battery is interchangeable between all other Kymera water jets.

The Kymera K-X2 personal electric watercraft is anticipated to follow in the success of previous Kymera products and quickly become a leader in the market and out on the water.

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