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Urban Ultralight e-bike from Zooz Bikes offers the perfect blend of style and thrills in a minimalist but also creative design. Weighing about 20 kg and come in three versions of rear hub motor: 250, 500, and 1100W, its bike is light and agile. All Urban Ultralight e-Bikes built around a chrome 4130 chromo steel framesets and a chrome cross-bar BMX handlebar furthers the back-in-the-day look. The models of the new series have the cushy moto-style seat—set at a height…



The eFlow e-Bike from Currie Technologies combines American ingenuity and Swiss design. The 500 Watt motor easily propels the bike to 35 km/h and a seat post-integrated e-bike battery with a powerful motor make for unique riding experience. In the world of e-bikes, manufacturers are still capable of thinking outside the box, and at times completely out of sight of the box. It isn’t obviously a pedestrian commuter, yet it doesn’t shout “sport” like a true drop-bar road machine either,…



Route Werk’s bicycle handlebar bag combines the best features of a bar-mounted bag and easy access as to the good old basket, as well as various extras. It has a 3.2 litre capacity and can manage payloads weighing up to 4 kg and its weight is a claimed 615 g. Many cyclists use a classic bar-mounted bag. Instead of a fabric top that has to be unzipped and folded back, however, Route Werk’s bicycle bag has a spring-loaded polycarbonate lid…



Developed by Beno Technologies, the sleek, ultra-futuristic design seems to be taken straight out of a sci-fi movie. This electric bike has boasted a sort-of-novel design – wheels that have no hubs of spokes. So instead of relying on central hub and spokes, the tires spin on a bearing along the fixed rims. Aimed at the urban cyclist, Reevo has hubless, spokeless wheels, a beam-style frame and one-sided fork, and can even be locked and unlocked with your fingertip. Hubless…



Cargo bikes are already a frequent enough sight in cities, but you might be seeing a different sort of cargo transport on the streets soon. This Nimble scooter features a cargo rack between the front wheel and handlebars, creating a platform built to carry 136kg of cargo and can fold in half for easy storage. Nimble Scooters is a California based start-up that specializes in people-powered cargo transportation. The first sketches and prototypes came out in 2011 when the founders,…



With their big ugly welds, aluminum frame MTB generally isn’t quite as pretty as their carbon fiber or titanium counterparts. That said, the German-made Frace F160 weighing 16,3 kg is an exception, as its frame is milled from a solid block of aluminum. Its MTB frame starts life as a 70kg slab of 7075 aluminum that quickly gets turned into the mainframe. It may sound like this leaves a lot of waste but the off-cut material then gets used for…



The Aton e-bikes feature pedals with built-in turn indicators. Each of the water-resistant pedals features front and rear strips of amber LEDs, that wrap around the side of the pedal to provide 360-degree visibility. When wirelessly activated by a handlebar-mounted remote, the LEDs on either pedal illuminate sequentially in the direction of the turn. The Aton is a joint effort: the e-bike is offered by Italian bicycle manufacturer F.lli Schiano and the technology for the pedals – dubbed PED –…



The world’s lightest folding bicycle that it weighs only 6 kg has been built by a talented engineer Derek Cranage has built his own frame from aircraft spec aluminium, carbon fiber and titanium. Every single item in the bike’s construction is bespoke and trimmed to the last fraction of a gram. The creation of Derek Cranage incorporates a frame that was designed and built entirely from scratch, with the whole bike folding down into a package measuring 590 x 600…



The new tandems Pino from Hase Bikes with 250W Shimano Steps E6100 can double as cargo e-bikes or family taxis. Even more? With their infinitely adjustable length and telescoping mechanism, the new Pinos can be shortened to the size of a mountain bike! In other words: you can shorten the wheelbase by simply pushing the two parts together. The Pino can be parked in any hallway or cellar, requiring no more space than a classic bicycle. With the handlebars folded…



Bicymple Nuvo bicycle consists of wheels of different sizes. It is sturdy and durable, made of the strongest materials. Yet it is elegant and minimalistic. Its simple design is will impress you and make your ride especially comfortable and enjoyable. Riders choose between models with single speed and 2-speed transmissions. To shift between each gear, riders conveniently use their heel to tap on a button located on the pedal’s crank set. For the 2-speed version, riders can stop the bike…