New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane


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When your entire design and assembly were inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk, stealthy is perhaps the best way to describe B-9 NH Urban Stealth, which has a carbon fiber frame and fork, unique carbon S72 Saddle system from BME Design, and CNC machined alloy cranks. What do we like most about some city bikes? Do they look like that? Or is it the way they provide opportunities that matters? Maybe it’s their ability to be folded or their environmental friendliness….



The SU18 is a bike with a revolutionary folding mechanism and 18-inch wheels. It can be folded or unfolded in just 3-5 sec! This model weighing 12,8 kg can prove handy during rush hours and can be folded easily to fit into your car and expand your mobility. Growing population and urban traffic demand a more efficient form of mobility. Both long and short distances should be covered quickly, comfortably and environmentally friendly. Many automakers are looking for an “ideal”…



The Newton-Rider bike helmet is just 16 mm thick and consists of pads are composed of a proprietary blend of viscoelastic and non-Newtonian materials. In the event of a crash, the pads become hard, absorbing much of the energy that is delivered to the head. “Viscoelastic” materials refer to substances that exhibit both viscous and elastic characteristics, while “non-Newtonian” refers to fluids that temporarily become more viscous (and thus harder) when subjected to stress. As a result, the bike helmet…



What happens when you combine an electric bike drive system with a tractor-style yoke? You get the Veelo, which is a way to electrify your inline skating adventures. It can pull you up to 32 km/h and even has the potential to go even faster. Veelo is a new concept in mobility for skates, blades, boards, and wheels. It combines the effortless power of an electric hub motor with a flexible concept that inspires you to develop your own ride…



With a battery of up to 130km of range, up to 50km/h top speed and a multitude of advanced safety features, MOAR e-bikes are unlike any other electric bike. These bikes are also the only e-bikes that have full 100mm suspension, fat tires, and a foldable frame. MOAR folding e-bikes take all the best features in existing electric bikes and enhance them with industry firsts — making them the most innovative and ultimate e-bikes on the market today. Powerful and…



The Ridekick Bicycle Trailer is, in fact, an e-bike kit. The motor and battery get you going with an e-bike conversion. The motor spins the trailer wheel, the wheels grip the ground, and you are pushed forward on your bike. How come no one has come up with this before? With the Ridekick, you can pedal your bike as much as you want and press the throttle when you need a boost. Having the motor transmission separate from the bicycle…



The new generation of my Hybrid Pedelec is based on the latest prototype that I have ruthlessly tested in the city and off-road for 3000km (1800miles). This 250W mid-drive e-Bike has a non-welded frame the parts of which are connected together using rivets and special glue. This e-Bike was designed as a bike that suits both city streets and cross-country. It combines the characteristics of different bicycles such as mountain e-bike, road e-bike, and city e-bike into a single unit….



Moto Parilla launches the new Trilix series which has been equipped with Formula brakes with forged callipers, the saddle Biogel super Flex and a 250W or 350W motor. For the 350W motor, the customer must sign the document necessary for use on private roads. Although what stands out the most is its innovative folding aluminium tubular frame and its folding quick-release system. Trilix in the Latin language means truss, and for the ancient Romans it meant canvas strand: the weft…



Referred to by the company manufacturer as a “mini e-bike” the new JackRabbit with ultralightweight about 10 kg and 20” wheels, lacks functional pedals and instead opts for folding foot pegs, thus making it technically more of a seated electric scooter. One of the things that may love about the electric bicycle industry is that there is so much ways for innovation and creative design. And the JackRabbit 2.0 e-scooter might be one of the best examples of out-of-the-box e-bike…



Christini company offers all-wheel drive e-bikes to crush every climb, off-road and snow which are powered by a mid-drive Bafang motor system putting out either 1000W or 1500W – figures that dwarf those of standard road-legal electric bikes sold in Europe. All-wheel drive electric bicycles, which add front-wheel drive to the standard rear-wheel drive found on most e-bikes, open up a world of new possibilities. One of the best uses for all-wheel drive e-bikes is off-road riding. From nature trails…