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The Bellcycle features front wheel drive for an ultra-compact bicycle and comes in a kit of 100+ parts which you assemble by yourself. And as you have assembled it you can remake it according to your needs into a cargo bike or e-bike. It takes from 10 to 15 min to learn how to ride. The Bellcycle, which is the brainchild of Labs Bell, is completely different from any other bike, except for perhaps the penny-farthing, and its compact design,…



The 4C IFD Bicyle weighting 6,9 kg is a collaboration of Alfa Romeo and Italian company Compagnia Ducale. The bicycle is luxurious and boasts optimal high-end performance; the bicycle’s name stands for ‘Innovative Frame Design’ that refers to the C-shaped cross-section of the frame tubes, which is aimed at provision of the higher speed. The style of Alfa Romeo 4C is inspired by the dynamic and fluent lines of the frame that reveal a stylized “4” figure. The section of…



The design of the KZS bicycle differs not only in the form of its frame, but also in the shape of the material used. The concept is not made up of the common tubular components; this bicycle has rather began with a flat strip of metal that was then sculpted into a graceful 3D form. Hungarian designer Kiss Zsombor has created the KZS bicycle, an urban minimal cruiser concept. the basic idea was to combine a 2D-lines series with 3D…



The ExoDyne electric motorcycle was hand-built in a garage by veterinary orthopedic surgeon Alan Cross within 9 months. Cross has an engineering degree and is a self-taught manufacturer, who can shape metal on his own without the need to use help. The ExoDyne electric motorcycle is based around on a bespoke center box frame that directly connects the head stock with the swing arm pivot point – an arrangement generally seen as ideal by motorcycle engineers. The box frame contains…



Movos urban bicycle produced by Metaphys provides a smooth and comfortable ride on rough city roads. The center pivot coil suspension system installed in the middle of the bicycle frame absorbs shock during the cycle and provides a pleasant ride. For any cyclist, a smooth ride, comfort and size are what’s most important when purchasing an urban bicycle. Japanese Metaphys Movos bicycle weighs 14.8 kg and meets all these requirements. It has an original pivot coil system suspension in the…



This project appeared primarily due to the growing distance of my trips. Starting my tests with a 250W mid-drive model equipped with a 14Ah 36V battery on city streets, I soon realized that the mileage of 50-60km (30-37miles) on a single charge is not always enough. As a result, while carrying out the out-of-town tests, including the off-road tests, I had to transport the bike to the test site in the back of my GMC Sonoma pickup. In my opinion,…



The Cylo One Bicycle can boast the original minimal design and built-in break and head lights to keep the cyclists as visible on the busy streets of their city as possible. These strong lights are powered by the kinetic energy generated. If you are to design the perfect urban bike, what would its feature be? A lightweight frame? A powerful headlight? A simple paint scheme? Cylo is a brand-new startup on the Portland, Oregon, bike market, the co-founders of which…



Vekkit launches a two-speed kit for the e-bike. The first speed mode has more power and speeds up to 15 km/h, and the second speed mode has a higher speed and uses less power. The modes can be switched using the wheel remote control or also an auto-switch option. In fact, when you have to ride up a steep hill, you need to select the first speed mode for maximum power. If you drive on a flat road, then you…



Victor Tabares, a designer from bustling Barcelona, developed this new e-bike for urban dwellers. Centreless wheels increase torque, quickening the brake’s response time, so you can stealthily slink your way through traffic lights and cross-sections of your city. This hubless new e-Bike is almost real and could be everywhere in the near future. Most of the OOH BIKE standout features are integrated into the bicycle itself. Most of the top tube, or rectangle, in this case, is a battery pack….



Cargo bikes outperform cars, but they are expensive. You can build a Danish XYZ cargo bike by yourself. The fully modular system is so simple that you don’t need complex or expensive tools. The two-wheeled vehicle can carry 90 kg of cargo, the tricycle can carry 150 kg, the four-wheeled one – 300 kg. All models can be equipped with electric hub motors and batteries. The assembled versions are sold for about half the price of similar cargo cycles on…